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Monday, 11 February 2019

The Birth of a Healing Journey: Welcome To The Road To Mental Wellness.

The Birth Of A Healing Journey:

 Welcome To The Road To Mental Wellness.

Welcome to the Road To Mental Wellness, a blog that I created to tell my story, a story of my long arduous battle that I have been an unwilling participant in my entire life. You see, doing nothing about my illnesses wasn't and still isn't an option for me. If it's do or die, I'm going to choose to do every time. The idea for this blog came to me after I began to write a book on my own struggles with mental illness. I was so debilitated by my illnesses that I had little choice but to take leave from work and do whatever I had to do to get well again. So I put my energy into the book project as an attempt at a therapeutic intervention while  at the same time seeking many other avenues to wellness. The main goal of the book is to help others by simply telling my story and what I've done to maximize my quality of life. 

While writing this book I decided to share my ideas with close friends and family; their feedback ignited a passion in me that simply said "you need to take this project a bit further, to look beyond yourself." There are so many people out there suffering in silence because of fear of this social stigma they are weighed down with. So, I then started sharing pieces of the book to others for feedback. This was to see if I was accurately communicating what I wanted its message to be. It was during the feedback sessions that I started to hear others journeys, the sample readers struggles. They told me they felt like the book could help many others because it is a first-hand account, not a professional with a clinical background in mental illness. They felt that it could potentially be more relatable, more real. As those with mental health challenges bravely opened up to me I started to see commonalities within their stories. I continued to talk with many others about my own challenges with mental health, it became more and more apparent to me that I wasn't the only one who needed a voice in this silent epidemic.  Most of those I talked to who are suffering from one mental illness or another described feeling fearful, lonely, isolated and dis-empowered to seek help. A good example of what perpetuates this fear is the fear of losing one's job if one were to be honest about their illness. This is a very compelling reason to keep one's trouble in the dark.

So..... Being that my life long passion has been in helping others, I felt compelled by this passion, fuelled by the commonalities of the suffering and not knowing where to turn. I decided that it was go time, time to face my own fears that were echoed by that of many and say F**k it! I started to chronicle my ups and downs on Facebook in the form of pictures and videos. They display my good and my bad days with the hope that those who sit in the shadows feeling alone can see that they are but one of many. 

The very act of making my story public wasn't and still isn't an easy one, I take no joy in "putting it out there." It tends to "feel wrong" and my mental health tends to hate it too.  Nonetheless, knowing that so many are quietly eroding in the storms of their own illnesses, my genuine desire to help others pushes me onward. In doing so, the results of this social media adventure have been nothing short of amazing. I was totally taken back and inspired by the outpouring of support I received for myself, but mostly I was and continue to be inspired by the amount of people who so courageously reached out and wanted to tell me their stories. I am very honoured that they choose to talk to me about their everyday battles.

So here we are, blogging in an attempt to reach even more people, but not just the sick, but also those who are well and seek to better understand the plight of those who suffer day in and day out. My hope is that we can bridge the gap, erode the stigma and create an alliance that helps everyone! 

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